LCB RESOURCES was originally set up to develop training resources for Community Practice Teachers (CPT's)/mentors in health visiting to support the professional development of student health visitors.


The original resources were developed to provide opportunities for student health visitors to enhance their learning, either by completion of worksheets or by playing games that allowed them to think about specific aspects of health visiting practice.


Resources for other professional groups are now available to order.


Many of the resources are relevant to all practitioners who work with children and families. For example, our ‘safeguarding game’ uses findings from serious case reviews to emphasise the important role that everybody plays in safeguarding children and enables practitioners to reflect on their practice in a memorable and engaging way. Similarly, the game ‘Exploring and Understanding The Determinants of Health’ helps practitioners to think about the wider determinants of health and how these impact on the families they are working with.


We hope practitioners enjoy using our resources and that they help to make learning both meaningful and fun. We welcome feedback at about any of our resources, or suggestions for future topics.