Cathy has training and experience in health visiting, children with special needs, child and adolescent mental health and perinatal and infant mental health and has been involved in delivering and developing innovative projects and training resources over the last 10 years. For example, Cathy has been involved in developing and delivering an 8 day programme on early intervention in emotional and behavioural problems in children and developing and delivering a range of training programmes on perinatal and infant mental health for different audiences. Cathy also developed two e-learning modules on attachment for the national e-learning programme designed to provide the learning needed for practitioners delivering The Healthy Child programme.


Cathy was also the project co-ordinator for an innovative project facilitating the development of empathy in schoolchildren called ‘Understanding Each Other.’ Masters degrees in both Health Promotion and Professional Practice and a PGCE in lifelong learning underpin Cathy’s enthusiasm for creating innovative learning resources that will hopefully help to deliver excellence in practice and improve outcomes for children and families in the future.